April 16, 2014





"Kari Moran is one of the smartest interviewers in the world of books. She takes the time not just to read the books, but to understand what an author is really saying. And she knows how to make literature inviting and appealing to her listeners."

-Tom Zoellner

"Train: Riding the Rails that Created the Modern World"



"Kari Moran is the consummate journalist: exceedingly well prepared, she asks thoughtful and analytical questions, and is unafraid of tackling difficult topics to ensure her listeners are well informed about the most pressing issues of the day."

-Linda Marsa

"Fevered" - Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health and How We Can Save Ourselves




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Show # 141 – 04/15/14


Welcome to Kari Moran’s BookRadio Show!


Each week, you’ll hear about three new and notable


Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction and Self-Help Books


So, speakers on! For an engaging and informative hour of conversations with Kari's Guest Authors



●Peter McGraw & Joel Warner


●Mary Higgins Clark

●Andrew Thorn, PhD




Click on the Player Below to Hear This Week’s Show






Chapter 1: Non-Fiction


the humor_code 
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A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny


Peter McGraw and Joel Warner

peter mcgraw  joel warner


Is laughter really the best medicine? Do women consider the same things as funny as men do? (Yes, if the jokes – dirty or not – aren't at their expense!) These findings and so much more were discovered when University of Colorado Humor Research Lab (HuRL) Founder Peter McGraw teamed up with award-winning Journalist Joel Warner to scientifically prove the ironically-labeled "Theory of Benign Violation".
So, what's funny and what's going too far? Using results from 19 empirical experiments that took the Authors across 5 continents (and into several bars) "The Humor Code" reveals what's laughable in the U.S., the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and Latin America. You'll be amazed...you may even LOL!





Chapter 2: Literary Fiction


ive got_you_under_my_skin 
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Mary Higgins Clark

Over 100 million

suspense novels sold in the U.S.

mary higgins_clark


In this, her 33rd best-selling Suspense Novel, Author Mary Higgins Clark tells the story of TV Reality Show Producer Laurie Moran, who's physician-husband is gunned down in a New York playground by a man with piercing blue eyes. Her terrified son witnesses the killing and hears the gunman shout "Tell your mother she's next, and then it's your turn!" Five years pass and Laurie is dealing with murder again as the producer of "Under Suspicion", a true- crime cold-case show that is spotlighting the unsolved murder of Westchester socialite Betsy Powell. Betsy's daughter and 3 college friends, each with their own secrets and lies, are paid handsomely to return to the scene of the crime at the family mansion...and when filming begins, old blue eyes returns.





Chapter 3: “All About e”


BookRadio's Chapter 3 – 

"All About e"

The latest e-Book Industry News


good e_reader

Editor-in-Chief Michael Kozlowski








Chapter 4: Self-Help


leading with_your_legacy_in_mind 
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Building Lasting Value in Business and In Life


Andrew Thorn, PhD.

andre thorn


For too many working professionals, life balance is out of whack. On average, we spend 117,000 hours at work...and less than 32,000 hours for personal reflection on what really matters in our lives. If we're the boss or in a management position, it's important to redefine our goals and make them aspirations that will help us focus and lead more purposeful lives at the office and at home. In his latest book, Dr. Thorn provides practical, strategic action steps packed with wisdom for those who want to leave a lasting and positive legacy on their organization.




Chapter 5: The Reader’s Round-up

Kari checks in with Indie Bookstores to ask about this week's most popular books! 

chapter one_bookstore_logo chapter one_bookstore_location


Hamilton, Montana