November 30, 2015





if you_only_knewkristan higgins white

"What a genuine pleasure to talk to someone as enthusiastic, insightful and warm as Kari! It was like spending an evening with a good friend."

-Kristan Higgins
New York Times Bestselling Author

"If You Only Knew"

a master_plan_for_rescuejanis cooke_newmanwhite


"Talking with Kari was like talking with my perfect reader! She asked all the smart questions I was hoping to be asked, and then some I had never dreamed of. We dove straight into the heart of my novel, touched on every character and big idea, and before I could catch my breath, the time was up! And I would have gladly done it all over again."


-Janis Cooke Newman

"A Master Plan For Rescue"



rebel soulsjustin martin white

"Kari has one of those wonderful radio voices. And she uses it for good - to range far and wide, exploring literature."

-Justin Martin

"Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians"




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Show #  – 03/24/12


Guest Authors on our March 24th Show

Live at the Writers Junction


Chapter 1: Non-Fiction

how georgia_became_okeeffe
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“How Georgia Became O’Keeffe”

Lessons in the Art of Living


Karen Karbo

karen karbo




 Chapter 2: Self-Help

the whip
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“The Whip”

”A Novel Inspired by the True Story of Charlotte “Charley” Parkhurst (1812-1879)


Karen Kondazian

karen kondazian







Chapter 3:  “All About e”
The latest news on the e-book and
 e-Reader Industry with  “eBookNewser” Editor, Jason Boog







 Chapter 4: Self-Help

fables of_fortune
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“Fables of Fortune”

What Rich People Have That You Don’t Want


Richard Watts

richard watts



Chapter 5: The Readers Round-up