December 19, 2014

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rebel soulsjustin martinwhite


"Kari has one of those wonderful radio voices. And she uses it for good - to range far and wide, exploring literature."


-Justin Martin

"Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians"



friendswoodrene steinke white

"Kari Moran of Book Radio is passionate about books and an expert at connecting people to books they'll want to know more about. What a pleasure to have a conversation with such an engaged and intelligent reader! I'm completely charmed by her program and look forward to hearing more interviews."

-René Steinke

"Friendswood" – A Novel

traintom zoellner white

"Kari Moran is one of the smartest interviewers in the world of books. She takes the time not just to read the books, but to understand what an author is really saying. And she knows how to make literature inviting and appealing to her listeners."

-Tom Zoellner

"Train: Riding the Rails that Created the Modern World" 


the tin_horsejanice steinbergwhite


"Kari is a total pro. She put me at ease immediately and asked smart questions. She had clearly read my book with interest and care. Particularly with the dwindling print media devoted to books, the literary world is fortunate to have BookRadio."

-Janice Steinberg

"The Tin Horse"




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Chapter 1: Non-Fiction

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The Idea Factory

Bell Labs and the Great Age


American Innovation

By Jon Gertner


Join Host Kari Moran in conversation with “Fast Company” Editor and “New York Times Magazine” Writer Jon Gertner. He’s written a definitive history of America’s greatest incubator of innovation - AT&T’s brain trust at New Jersey’s Bell Labs. From the 1920’s to the 1980’s, it was “the office” for some of the 20th Century’s most influential inventors who brought us technologies from transistors to cell phones.




Chapter 2: Literary-Fiction

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Creole Belle”


James Lee Burke


From the Grand Master of Mystery comes the latest in the Dave Robicheaux Series. Kari talks with best-selling Novelist James Lee Burke about his 31st novel -- an introspective, literate story of murder, resurrection and redemption in Southern Louisiana.




Chapter 3: 


“All About e”


Get the latest news on the e-book Industry with “” editor,

Jason Boog







Chapter 4: Self-Help

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Situations Matter:

Understanding How Context

Transforms Your World



Sam Sommers


Invisible forces influence your life... Kari talks with Tufts University Psychology Professor Sam Sommers, who contends that understanding these forces improves everything you do. Find out why its often wrong-headed to make assumptions about people and circumstances... unless you first take into account the context of what's going on around you!




Chapter 5: Reader's Round Up



Kari talks with Book Fans to find out what they're reading and if they'd recommend the books to you!