November 01, 2014

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Great Autumn Reading!



fearless leadershipcarey d_lohrenzclear


High Performance

Lessons From the

Flight Deck


Carey D. Lohrenz


being mortalatul gawadeclear


Medicine and What Matters In The End


Atul Gawade, M.D








janice steinbergthe tin_horsewhite


"Kari is a total pro. She put me at ease immediately and asked smart questions. She had clearly read my book with interest and care. Particularly with the dwindling print media devoted to books, the literary world is fortunate to have BookRadio."


-Janice Steinberg

"The Tin Horse"



the values_factorjohn demartini white

"Wow! I have been blessed to be interviewed thousands of times by leading interviewers from all over the world, but very few have ever read so thoroughly and grasped the essence of my book as beautifully as you have. Your genius in questioning and intelligent grasping of content and meaning was mind blowing."

-Dr John Demartini,
Founder, Demartini Institute

"The Values Factor" - The Secret to Creating An Inspired and Fulfilling Life

great jobs_for_everyone_50_pluskerry hannon white

"What a pleasure to share airtime with Kari Moran on The Book Radio Show. Expect smart, engaging conversation with someone who has done her homework and loves what she does. Talking to Kari is like talking to a friend and sharing inside gems of helpful guidance. Her passion – to share that knowledge with her listeners is palpable."

-Kerry Hannon

"AARP – Great Jobs For Everyone 50+"" 


every contact_leaves_a_traceelanor dymottwhite

"It was great to talk with Kari Moran for her BookRadio show and a real privilege to be invited to respond to properly challenging questions which ranged wide and delved deep, posed by someone who'd undertaken a 20:20 inspection of my novel, and to find myself entering into the best kind of book-chat. And, then I started listening to the archive of BookRadio interviews. What a delight!"

-Elanor Dymot

"Every Contact Leaves A Trace" 




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Show # 62 – 09/26/12


Welcome to Kari Moran’s BookRadio Show!


Each week, you’ll hear about three new and notable


Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction and Self-Help Books


So, speakers on! For an engaging and informative hour of conversations with Kari's Guest Authors


Kati Marton – Natalie Serber – Elaine Fox



Click on the Player Below to Hear This Week’s Show



Chapter 1: Non-Fiction

paris a_love_story
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Kati Marton

kati marton

Writing with the earnest intention to share what she’s learned about love, loss, and renewal, award-winning Journalist and Best-selling Author Kati Marton talks with Kari about her earlier career as a Foreign Correspondent in Paris and offers readers her very personal memories of her two great loves -- ABC Correspondent Peter Jennings and Clinton-era U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.



Chapter 2: Literary-Fiction

shout her_lovely_name
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Natalie Serber

natalie serber

In her debut, Author Natalie Serber draws on her past to offer readers 11 richly drawn short stories…most involving the complex connectedness between single-mother Ruby Hargrove and her daughter, Nora. Serber uses irony, humor and poignant observations to deliver stories spanning Ruby and Nora’s coming of age in the 60’s through the 80’s.



Chapter 3:“All About e”


Get the latest news on the e-book Industry with “”

Editor, Jason Boog




Chapter 4: Self-Help

rainy brain_sunny_brain
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Elaine Fox

The latest brain science, including cutting edge Epigenetics, is revealing much about how the circuitry of our brains can be rewired. Unhappy pessimists can actually achieve happiness by training their brains to think positively. Leading Research Psychologist Elaine Fox talks with Kari about the latest fascinating findings in neurobiology…the implications are enormous.



Chapter 5: The Reader’s Round-up


Kari asks Books Fans “what are you reading...would you recommend it?